A story for children
Von: Chappuis, Eliane
Synergia Verlag, 2012, 40 p., couloured, 15.5 x 15.5 cm, gebunden, in englischer Sprache

ISBN: 978-3-939272-60-1

12,90 €

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Two starfish are filled with the desire to live a glamourous life like the stars in the evening sky. Can the magic shell make their dream come true? But how can it be opened? Singing, dancing - even magic doesn't help. 

Actually, they have given up long ago … but if you believe strongly in your dream, it can become true!
Based on the many colorful illustrations of Luong Kinh Huy the story unfolds all its charm.

Comments about the book from swiss VIPs:

Vera Dillier, Jet-Set and High Society Lady: "Beautiful and spirited".
Tim Wielandt, Ex-Mister Switzerland: "Beautifully illustrated childrens story with a cute message".
Isabelle Flachsmann, actress (Prix Walo nomminated): "Wonderful story".
Fabienne Bratschi, VIP Model: "Starrydance is a story that moves and is also nicely illustrated. The story gives us people hope not to give up and to make our dreams come true. I would like to pass this message on to my daughter Lilou. This is why I have read the story many times already and will recommend the book to my girlfriends".
Urs Althaus, Actor and Author: "We are like the starfish and forget, that behind the clouds, the sun always shines..."
Jimy Hofer: "Me as father of two little girls knows the importance of such books. Simple but intelligent, with fun drawings, that's how childrensbooks should be. And this is exactly how 'Starrydance' is".
Evelyn Binsack, VIP adventuror: "Until one can fullfill one's dream, one could get lost on paths. Maybe the time wasn't right or one had the wrong motivs? It always needs a first step, to find out everything. And then it needs a second, athird and thousands steps more. Will luck meet you then? To find out, make the first step...".
Nadia Brönimann, VIP transvestite: "...a lovely story about two starfish, who in the ocean, meet a magic seashell. What happens then and why one can't force wishes is being told by Eliane Chappuis in her new childrensbook in a playful, almost soft way!  Wouldn't we all like to open this seashell, with the hope to find a flashy pearl in it? Eliane manages , from the first moment, to take us on this human story of two lovely starfish and one would like to go to the bottom of the ocean and help open the seashell...will they manage to open the seashell? A human story with great illustrations, which touches the heart..."
Pepe Lienhard, Musician: "Eliane Chappuis' cute, little story gives us, young and old, to learn to relax in this hectic world. Not try to force things! Beautiful thinsg take time to develop. Truly important things don't grow in a casting-show. Eliane teaches us, that in the oecean there is life and beauty to protect."
Andre Reithenbuch, Mister Switzerland 2009: "Sternchentanz has my life philosophy "Don't dream your life, live your dreams". I think it is good to transmit this to children so that they hang on to their dreams".
Liza Andrea Kuster, Model and Host: "The grass doesn't grow faster, if you pull on it. Healthy ambition without stubborness brings you to the goal. This childrensbook mirrors in a beautiful way the many facetts in life."
Donghua Li, Olympia Gold-Medal winner and world champion:"Very nice story, simple and good."

About the Author:

Eliane Chappuis is an actress, filmproducer, model and singer. She has acted in over 30 international filmproductions, among them a Martin Scorsese film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

As a child of a Swiss father and a Vietnamese aristocrat mother, she grew up in Switzerland. Already in school she would get the leading roles. At age fourteen she had several roles at the National Theatre in Bern: in Musicals (“Oliver Twist”, “The wizard of Oz”) and in a play (“Zobeide”) and Operas (“Cavalleria Rusticana” and “Lulu”). During this time she already modeled successfully for Swatch, Chopard, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, Fabric Frontline, Jil Sander, Pepe Jeans and La Serlas.
When she was seventeen, she was accepted into the academy of acting in Zuerich. 
In 1996 ashe moved to Los Angeles, to act in four leading roles and dozens of supporting roles, among them a role in Martin Scorseses “Gangs of New York” with Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel-Day Lewis and Cameron Diaz. She was also successful in producing feature films.
In 2003 she returned to Switzerland and studied at the Swiss Musical Academy in Bern from which she has a certificate.
In 2009 her single “Christmas Time” was released. In 2010 there followed an album with the same name as well as the album “Plumvillage Kid”. This one is inspired and dedicated to a zen-village in South of France, in which she spent her vacations as a child. In an impressive way, she sings the poems of Thich Nhat Hanh of the zen-village. More on More about Eliane on


Chappuis, Eliane

Eliane Chappuis, geboren in Los Angeles, ist Schauspielerin, Filmproduzentin, Model und Sängerin. Sie hat in über dreißig internationalen Filmproduktionen mitgespielt, unter anderem unter der Regie von Martin Scorsese an der Seite von Leonardo DiCaprio.

Als Kind eines Schweizers und einer vietnamesischen Aristokratin wuchs sie in der Schweiz auf. Bereits in der Schule wurden ihr die Hauptrollen in Theaterstücken zuteil. Mit vierzehn Jahren folgten mehrere Engagements beim Stadttheater Bern: in Musicals (»Oliver Twist«, »Der Zauberer von Oz«), in Stücken (»Zobeide«) und Opern (»Cavalleria Rusticana« und »Lulu«). In dieser Zeit modelte sie bereits erfolgreich für Swatch, Chopard, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, Fabric Frontline, Jil Sander, Pepe Jeans und La Serlas.

Mit siebzehn wurde sie von der Schauspielakademie Zürich aufgenommen.

1996 zog sie nach Los Angeles, um dort vier Hauptrollen und dutzende von Nebenrollen in verschiedenen Filmproduktionen zu übernehmen, unter anderem in Martin Scorseses »Gangs of New York« mit Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel-Day Lewis und Cameron Diaz. Auch als Produzentin in verschiedenen Independent-Produktionen war sie erfolgreich tätig.

Im Jahr 2003 kehrte sie in die Schweiz zurück und schloss 2008 das Studium an der Swiss Musical Academy in Bern mit Zertifikat ab.

Im Jahr 2009 wurde ihre Single »Christmas Time« veröffentlicht. 2010 folgte das gleichnamige Album sowie die CD »Plumvillage Kid«. Diese ist inspiriert und gewidmet dem Zen-Dorf in Südfrankreich, in dem sie die Ferien ihrer Kindheit verbrachte. Auf eindrückliche Weise interpretiert und singt sie die Gedichte des Dorfoberhauptes, des Zen-Mönchs Thich Nhat Hanh. Mehr darüber erfahren Sie unter Mehr über Elaine erfahren Sie unter


Interview mit Eliane Chappuis in PEOPLE.

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